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Lawyer Elena Antoniani

The lawyer Elena Antoniani, born in Bologna on January 26, 1989, graduated in 2013 in law at University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum, discussing the thesis in tax law with Prof. Adriano Di Pietro, entitled “Precautionary conditions in the tax process: fumus boni iuris and periculum in mora”.

Since 2013 he has been actively cooperating with the law firm Elisabetta Mandelli within which he has gained significant experience in civil law, and mainly in the area of inheritance and protection of the person, as well as commercial law.

She has been enabled to practice the profession of lawyer since 2016.

Other experience

In 2014, the lawyer Elena Antoniani graduated from the Antonio Berliri II level Master’s Degree in Tax Law with final report entitled: “Tax penalties and administrative tax penalties: the specialty principle in the most recent jurisprudence of the European Court of Rights of man, of the Court of Justice of the European Communities and of the Italian Court of Cassation. Theoretical framework and analysis of a case in disputeā€.

Internationally, in 2012 she obtained the Summer School Montenegro, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna, Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development, with publication of the article “Multilevel protection of taxpayer’s rights: the evolution of the Convention of Human Rights and its application to the Italian tax trial “published in the magazine” European Union and Legal Reform 2012″.

Professional collaborations

The constant and fruitful cooperation with other professionals and a multidisciplinary approach allows you to share individual professional skills, in order to guarantee the customer a qualified and integrated, as well as personalized assistance.

In the field of labor consultancy and accounting and tax assistance, we mention the fruitful and long-term collaboration with:

Studio Moretto

Via dello Stallo n.10, 40138 Bologna
Telephone 051 535705

As part of the customer’s assistance in criminal and tax matters, we note the active and constant cooperation with

Associated Law Firm Avv.ti Gabriele Messina & Alessandra Mandelli

Via Farini n.14 41043 Formigine (MO)
Telephone 059 556933