Areas of expertise

The law firm of the lawyer Elisabetta Mandelli offers specialist advice and qualified assistance in the following areas of expertise:

01. Consulting and legal assistance to companies

Business restructuring and business reorganization

The Firm carries out qualified consultancy activities, in the awareness of the real dynamics and the concrete operation of the company, supporting it in the constitution, development and even crisis phase, seeking out-of-court solutions in order to ensure continuity in the business activity through company restructuring and reorganization, including leasing / sale of company branches or extraordinary transformation, merger or demerger operations. The Firm offers assistance in carrying out due diligence, drafting letters of intent and non disclosure agreements.

Business contracts

The experience and expertise in business contracts allow the law firm to offer a specific and personalized consultancy activity in the negotiation phase and up to the drafting of general contract conditions and commercial agreements, with particular reference to sales and distribution contracts, commercial (agency contracts, sales concessions, franchises …), procurement contracts, rental and lease contracts for properties, land and businesses, financing contracts (mortgage, leasing contracts …), management contracts and outsourcing.

The Firm carries out qualified assistance to new business that operate in e-commerce.

The elaborated models are inspired by the actual needs of the company and are aimed at preventing any critical issues and avoiding the occurrence of disputes.

Debt collection

The Firm guarantees extrajudicial and judicial assistance aimed at debt collection, with timely and satisfactory actions for the interests of the Customer, up to the compulsory execution phase.

Insolvency procedures

The Firm offers qualified and personalized assistance by choosing the most appropriate legal instrument to manage and deal with situations of financial tension and crisis.

In particular, through the assessment of the company’s debt status and verification of critical issues, recovery plans and agreements are prepared, with insolvent creditors or debtors, liquidation of the company and access to bankruptcy procedures required by law.

02. Labour Law and Social Security – Agency and Commercial Representation

The Firm offers qualified labor law consultancy in relation to disciplinary procedures, appeal against individual and collective layoffs, recovery of labour credits, regularization of the employment relationship, implementation and drafting of contracts, salary adjustments, mobbing, de-qualification and demotion, compensation for property and extra-pecuniary damages.

In addition, assistance is provided to the Customer in front of the competent National Inspectorate of Labor in relation to the inspection procedure pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 124 of 23 April 2004 and subsequent amendments, with particular attention to the phase of the Monocratic Conciliation, preventive or contextual and to the social security bodies (with assistance against INPS refusal measures or requests for undue compensation for unemployment benefits and work leave ..)

Qualified assistance is also provided to single-firm or multi-firm commercial agents, as result of many years of experience in the sector, in relation to an agency contract, recognition of severance indemnities, appeal against the withdrawal notified to the agent for just cause or serious breach, recovery of commission credits and severance indemnities, with particular attention to the interpretation of Collective Economic Agreements.

The Firm guarantees professional and multidisciplinary assistance, through constant cooperation with a qualified Labor Consulting Firm

03. Inheritance Law

The Firm carries out extrajudicial and judicial consultancy in matters of succession law and assistance in all practices (legal and fiscal) relating to the legitimate and / or testamentary succession, petition of the inheritance, acceptance and / or renunciation of the inheritance, reduction and restitution actions for injury of the reserved share, appeal for invalid or voidable testamentary dispositions, legacy division in case of multiple heirs established by will or by law, dissolution of the hereditary communion, donations and indirect donations and protection of family and corporate assets.

Assistance is provided in out-of-court management and in the prevention of inheritance disputes, with a preference for alternative resolution tools (civil mediation and negotiation assisted by lawyers).

04. Protection of property and other real rights

The Firm has gained significant experience in real estate consultancy, to protect owners and tenants, but also real estate agencies, ensuring assistance in relation to the individual phases of real estate transactions (from the negotiation phase to the sale / purchase and also in the phase of termination of the contract and in the emergence of the conflict between the parties).

Assistance is provided to companies operating in the real estate sector, but also to individuals who intend to conclude “business” concerning property rights, with care in drafting complete and personalized contracts (purchase contract, lease contract, trade-in, timeshare sale ..)

The Firm guarantees assistance in out-of-court management and in the prevention of disputes, with a preference for alternative resolution tools (civil mediation and negotiation assisted by lawyers), in defense of property and possession and to protect pre-existing services, usufruct rights, rights of use and housing, communion and condominium.

As part of real estate consultancy, the Firm carries out cadastral inspections and at the Conservatory of Real Estate Registers and completes transcriptions and registrations.

05. Separations and Divorces and Protection of Personal and Family Rights

By privileging the alternative instrument of Assisted Negotiation (introduced with the decree n.132 / 2014 converted into Ln162 / 2014), in order to reach a consensual solution of personal separation, cessation of the civil effects of marriage or dissolution of marriage, as well as modification of the conditions of separation or divorce previously established, the Firm carries out assistance activities, both extrajudicial and judicial, in separations and divorces, as well as in matters of protection of persons and family, with particular attention to the property rights of spouses and cohabitants.

Qualified assistance is also offered in relation to the protection of minors and fragile people, through the use of administrative procedures for support, interdiction or incapacitation, trusts and constraints on assets.

06. Domiciliation

The Firm carries out its professional activity mainly at the judicial offices in the Bologna area (Court of Appeal of Bologna, Civil Court of Bologna, Justice of Peace of Bologna, Juvenile Court of Bologna, TAR Emilia Romagna, Tax Commissions) , but thanks to a network of collaborators, it is able to carry out professional and domiciliation activities throughout the district of the Court of Appeal of Bologna and so on all the judicial offices of Emilia Romagna.

The Firm is available by domicile, ensuring maximum timeliness and punctual and precise report on the state of the procedure.